What goes into Building a Dyna Yacht?

Since 1986, the fiberglass boats we build are custom-designed and hand-made with quality comparable to renowned brands worldwide. Founded on professionalism and outstanding quality principles, the Dyna Yachts brand has built a reputation for itself; anyone looking to purchase a customized yacht these days is familiar with the Dyna name, its stylish design, and its seaworthy durability.

We want to invite you inside the Dyna yacht factory in Tainan City, Taiwan, to take a deeper look at the entire sweep of our boat building process.

The Dyna Shipyard where all begins 

Ranging from 32 to 105 feet in length, all Dyna motor yachts are made in keeping with the highest quality standards in the shipbuilding industry. 

Not only the materials we use for the construction and the equipment we will build the yacht with but also the way we manufacture our products at our shipyard is what matters. We employ highly educated craftsmen and experienced shipwrights who have honed their skills in building countless vessels.


The Design Process 

Most of the yachts in the Dyna Collection are designed by our in-house team of naval architects and yacht designers. Before manufacturing a semi-custom yacht, our design team works closely with clients to accommodate their preferences, inviting them to choose from a virtually infinite number of floor plan options, fits, and finishes. Our team ensures the design and layout meets the client’s specific yachting needs and desires and, at the same time, is compliant with all the marine legislation and technical requirements.

Hull Construction 

The hull of every Dyna Yacht presents itself as an extremely solid light shell with top-of-the-category safety standards thanks to its resin applied by vacuum infusion, the use of self-supporting plating made in PVC foam, and longitudinal reinforcements. That results in a light but strong boat that is also more fuel-efficient.

We begin the building process by spraying a gelcoat paint on the entire surface of female molds. The hull, decks, and most other parts of the boat are bagged up with tubes; then resin is pulled in through the conduits in an exact manner so there are no voids and a consistent amount of resin is moved throughout. This creates a stronger piece along with weight savings. In addition, the vacuum infusion technique provides for a better work environment thanks to a drastic reduction in the level of emissions in the air. 

Once the hull and superstructure are completed, and while they are still open and exposed, items that will be located below deck level like the stainless steel water tank and marine-grade aluminum alloy fuel tank are mounted.

Installation of Electrical and Mechanical Systems

The next step is installing all central electric and hydraulic systems and assembling the engine room equipment which is surrounded by aluminum walls.

Situated on top of the stringer system, engine mounts are secured with bolts that are drilled and tapped into steel plates laminated into the tops of the stringer members. 

Main engine room bulkheads are insulated with composite insulation materials that absorb a large portion of engine noise and reflect heat back into the engine compartment, where the engine room blowers dissipate them.

After the major components are assembled, the superstructure is lifted with a crane and lowered into the hull.

Interior Styling & Fitting

The next step is installing all central electric and hydraulic systems and assembling the engine room equipment which is surrounded by aluminum walls.

With the major parts of the boat assembled, interior fittings like custom cabinets, appliances, modular furniture, wheelhouse equipment... are added. Then, our craftsmen take care of the details and finishing touches. Most parts are made in-house, from the wood furniture to the stitched upholstery.

Each model in the Dyna fleet can be personalized -from the interior design to the exterior deck layout. As a result, new owners have the chance to build their perfect yacht, choosing everything from the fabrics and finishes to the distribution of onboard living spaces. 

We aim to offer exceptional quality, enjoyment, and livability on board; to this end, all the materials used in our yachts come from the world's top design firms.

At Dyna Yachts we welcome owners to work with the interior designer of their choice. Our team will work closely with them accommodating the owner’s preferences and requirements. 

Quality Control & Sea Trials 

An exciting part of the development of any new build are sea trials where the designers, naval architects, engineers, builders, and technical teams will work together to fine-tune the systems and iron out any issues.

We encourage our clients to participate in the quality control procedures and tests during the build process at each manufacturing stage.

Interested in building a custom boat?

We build only a few Dyna yachts per year. Each one will be built for its owners with extensive owner input as to the layout. The experience will be rich and rewarding for those we work with in making their dream a reality. For further information click here or write us a line at inquiry@dynayachts.com

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